Edward A. Meyer 
Computer Scientist, System Analyst 

                Long Island, NY

            or Call:   (631)  615-4353


Current Project:   
  Secure Data Transfer Systems
For Small Business

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Previous Project:   
Simplifying Internet Searches for Local Interests
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Currently:            Founder & Director of Services
                                Long Island, NY       -  webpage

Previously:            System Analyst
                                US DOT/FAA NY FSDPS & Lockheed Martin
                                Ronkonkoma, NY  ;

                            Air Traffic Control Specialist
                                Lockheed Martin DCA AFSS Hub
                                Ashburn, VA 

                            Air Traffic Control Specialist
                                NY TRACON
                                Garden City, NY 

                                La Guardia Air Traffic Control Tower
                                Flushing, NY

                                NY Automated/International Flight Service Station
                                Ronkonkoma, NY 

                            Manager, Aircraft Ramp & Loading
                                Air France
                                Kennedy International Airport
                                 Queens, NY

                            Pilot/Flight Instructor
                                FAA Certified Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
                                FAA Certified Flight Engineer/Turbojet Powered (B707)
                                FAA Certified Flight Instructor
                                3000+ Hours Total Flying Time


                            Bachelor of Science, Management
                            St. John's University, College of Business Administration 
                            Queens, NY

                            Jesuit Provincial Academic Diploma
                            The Brooklyn Preparatory High School 
                            Brooklyn, NY

                            Music Composition
                            Tribute to Shoeless Joe Jackson - Chicago White Sox:
                            Shoeless Joe - The Music (piano)
                                                                          -  webpage

                            My Garage Band (Piano) (Dan Meyer on Bass Guitar):
                            The Crash Band

                                                                          -  webpage

                            Baseball Coach (for players up to 14 years old)
                            Dan Meyer - Pitcher/Infiedler
                            Nassau County Championship 2002
                                                                          -  webpage