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Why List with Gliq?

Gliq Makes Life Easier for Your Customers

On any hectic business day, time matters most. More time spent finding information means less time for other important work. Gliq provides your customers and associates with the tools they need to get information fast. Faster than anyone else on the Internet.

Gliq.info is Fee-for-Service - No Banner or Pop Up Ads Ever

When your customers and associates need data and information from the Internet, distractions of banners and pop-ups costs your business money. The rewards of a fee-for-service system far outweighs what little it costs for a site listing on Gliq.

Gliq is Focused - What Your Customers Need in a Critical Situation

A multi-page website adds distinction to a business, but browsing takes time. When your customers need contact information or directions, browsing a large web site can mean time and expense. Gliq lets you decide what you want in your search results. And if you wish, you can list a link to your contact page - giving your customers an easy way to find you!

Gliq is World-Wide

Gliq.info is a local Internet directory for anywhere in the world. That's means it's a local Internet directory for everywhere in the world. No exceptions. Right now, Gliq is only available in english, but we are already planning versions in 17 other languages. Even so, Gliq.info already includes listings from Europe and Asia. We are truly a Global Local Internet Queue.

Gliq Helps Others Provide Information that Your Company Needs

Large and mid-sized companies can easily afford expensive web sites. But much of the information your company needs isn't on the web. It's out of the reach of smaller organizations such as restaurants, taxis, not to mention laundry and dry cleaning services. Gliq strives to provide a professional web presence for any company regardless of size. Your support will help other companies make it easier for you to find them.

List with Gliq. It only makes sense!