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Gliq.Info   Our Mission

To Simplify Your Internet Tasks

Time spent finding information means less time for other important work.
Gliq provides your customers and associates with the tools they need to get information faster and easier.

To Keep Your Customers Focused

Advertising distracts your customers. It increases the time it takes to get the information you provide.
Gliq provides an ad free environment to help your customers find what they want faster.

To Assist Your Customers and Associates in Critical Business Situations

Gliq simplifies the task of providing your information to the people who need it.
Less searching and clicking allows more resources for critical tasks.

To Provide Software and Services to Business & Organizations

Gliq can help your company simplify your listing tasks whether you have 10 locations or 10,000.
Our search engine is fast, powerful and focused, and we can also assist you in many other ways.
Gliq is an ideal platform for fund raising, too!

To Provide Meaningful and Rewarding Work for Those Who Work at Home

Gliq is a local Internet directory for everywhere in the world. It has been designed to provide local as well as world-wide services to its customers. We provide free software and assistance to web designers to help them serve you more effectively and at lower cost.

List with Gliq. It only makes sense!