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Shoeless Joe Jackson

If you love inspirational piano music, baseball or like to see the little guys fight back, you can help put Shoeless Joe Jackson in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Helping Shoeless Joe is a monumental effort. I've written a musical entitled "Shoeless Joe." Right now, it's only a 45 minute CD of beautiful piano music, but with your help, it may one day be a Broadway Musical. It's about Joe Jackson and the sinister forces that have kept him out of baseball. You can own a personalized, autographed copy of Shoeless Joe the Music by using PayPal or sending $10.00 to the address below. If you enjoy romantic piano music with a punch, you'll love "Shoeless Joe." Your support will help bring Shoeless Joe's story to Broadway, and then, to Cooperstown, NY.

Let's Put Shoeless Joe in Cooperstown 
The Baseball Hall of Fame

Shoeless Joe Jackson was a great baseball player. His lifetime batting average was .356, third highest in baseball history. Had he played as long as he could, he may been the greatest player of the game. But Joe was disgraced from baseball. Not by a court of law, not by popular demand, but by the unproven edict of an autocratic tyrant. Shoeless Joe's only crime was to be illiterate, impoverished and undefended. Every principle of American fairness and justice was violated to rid baseball of Joe Jackson. The glory and recognition that belonged to Shoeless Joe was stolen by a commissioner who banished this great player without ever proving a single accusation. That commissioner, Kennesaw Mountain Landis, has a place in Baseball's Hall of Fame. Shoeless Joe was banned from the Hall, but not forever! Justice can be done. We can put Shoeless Joe where he belongs- in the Baseball Hall of Fame. You can help Shoeless Joe and own a piece of history using PayPal or by sending ten dollars (US) -cash, check or money order- to the address below for your own CD, autographed and played by the composer. And enjoy the music inspired by the story of Shoeless Joe Jackson. Thank you. 

Edward Meyer