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Gliq.Info now provides you with a way to help your friends and family find you without sacrificing the privacy or security of your personal information.

You can now have a password protected web page on Gliq for as little as $19.95. And if you prefer a higher level of security, Gliq can guide you through the process of choosing a plan that's best for you. We can also help you with simple and inexpensive ways to protect your data.

Just click through the examples that show you how others have found ways to provide the information that their friends, family and associates need, while at the same time, defeating Bots, Crawlers and Spies.

Gliq Unlisted is just one of the many innovations developed by Gliq was first in bringing the Internet to the local level. We are pioneers in the development of the local Internet concept. And we continue to develop innovative and practical ways to use the Internet to help people like you.
Gliq offers many ways for you to keep your info confidential. All Gliq Unlisted Pages are un-Cache-able and protected from web crawlers.

We can also protect your info from Spy Bots and Internet Worms. You choose whatever level of security that suits you, including Username & Password protected pages.

Click the links below to see examples of how others have found ways to inexpensively, easily and effectively list their info on Gliq without being subjected to the prying eyes of hackers and bots.
  • Bill Fisher
  • Wilhelm Jones
  • Willis Rogers
  • Introductory Offer

  • Bill Fisher

  • William 'Bill' Fisher of Staten Island, NY is a graphics designer whose business phone number is well publicized. His assistants, Janice, April and June have direct lines that he wants his clients to have access to, especially in emergencies.

    So, what's the catch? How does Bill give his clients an easy way to find his unpublished phone numbers?

    Why,, of course!

    All his customers have to do is to enter 'Bill Fisher Staten Island' into the Gliq Search Engine and know the password (don't worry, Bill gave his customers a hint).

    The password is ' mermaid ' and it will already be typed-in for this demonstration.

    Click  Bill Fisher Staten Island  for a Gliq Search for Bill Fisher

    A Gliq Search Results page will appear.
    Follow the links until you find Bill's unlisted numbers.
    (All of Bill's customers have broadband so dialup will take a few moments.)

  • Wilhelm Jones

  • Wilhelm 'Bill' Jones is a retired weather man who lives on Long Island and loves to fish. He has a son who lives in Key West, Florida and a daughter who lives in Presque Isle, Maine. Bill and his wife, Marie, spend three months a year with each of their children to spend time with them and their grandchildren.

    With all his experience in weather, Bill knows that the best three months to be in Key West is January through March. He and Marie find the weather in Maine to be rather beautiful from April through June. And the weather in Long Island couldn't be better from July through December. The problem is that their friends have a hard time remembering where they are, and remembering all those phone numbers.

    Bill found the answer on Gliq!

    Bill wanted a higher level of security on his unlisted page because he was listing his grandchildren's phone numbers. So he elected to use a login as well as a password and he also decided to create a Gliq keyword from his and his wife's first names, 'BillandMarie.' Only those who knew Bill and Marie and new the pattern could get to his unlisted page.

    Bill went ever further to list the name 'Bill Angler' in the Gliq Search Results along with the initials 'WMJ' for Wilhelm and Marie Jones to help his friends know they were on the right track in finding them. With all that security, Bill decided to make it easy for his friends to remember the password.

    The login is ' bill ' and the password is ' mermaid ' and it will appear on the login page for this demonstration.

    Clicking this link will be the same as making a Gliq Search Entry:

    Click  BillandMarie Jones  for a Gliq Search for BillandMarie Jones

    A Gliq Search Results page will appear.
    Follow the links until you find Bill's unlisted numbers.

  • Willis Rogers

  • Willis 'Bill' Rogers lives in New York City. He, his wife and his two daughters all have cell phones. Bill thinks it's important to allow close friends and relatives to have the phone numbers handy when needed, and the best place for that is the Internet. But Bill wanted a very secure system to protect the information from intruders, but easy for friends to remember. Bill also needed a web site to put them on, of course.

    Bill found the answer on Gliq, and thought of a great way to make it easy for friends and family remember the password. He used his real first name 'Willis' as the page title so his page would be easy to recognize. And instead of using the names of his wife and daughters, he listed the months they were born in- January, April and June. He chose a highest level of security by using Gliq Encrypt. Friends and family would have to be able to recognize the pattern and know the password, (who is a famous guy from OK!)

    The Password is ' willrogers ' ... Give it a try!

    Click  Bill Rogers NYC  for a Gliq Search for Bill Rogers

    A Gliq Search Results page will appear.
    Follow the links until you find Bill's unlisted numbers.

  • Introductory Offer

  • Gliq.Info is an Internet search system designed to make it easier for your friends, family, associates and clients to find you. Gliq is the only search system designed to keep unwanted intruders away from the information you don't want them to have- while providing the same info to those who you want to have it.

    Gliq Unlisted is just one example of the many ways that prove our services are unparalled in the computer industry.

    Gliq.Info was first to bring a local interest search system to the Internet. We were years ahead of the others. Gliq is the first and only search system that allows its clients to control the way their web pages are found. And we are the only system that provides a simple, inexpensive way to keep your info password protected.

    Whether you own your own business, provide a specialized professional service or just want to keep your cell phone number secure, you can allow your friends and associates to find you without unwanted intrusion.

    Gliq provides unlisted services for any security level and for every budget. You can have your info password protected for as little as $19.95!